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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sartorial Sarcasm at the CITR Research Briefing Day

Universities seem to like combining water with oil, chalk with cheese, comedy with Adam Sandler. At the start of this year our Faculty formed a super research Centre combining seven different research groups and last week they decided it was time we all got together to find out what we all do, and how we can work together to produce bigger and better research "outcomes" (OK, so maybe they didn't use that word, but they were thinking it!).

What could be more boring than a full-day "briefing" on what other people who research very different things to yourself do? What indeed... well, to make things a bit more interesting, Tim and I undertook a mutual dare to smarten things up a little by wearing (real) bow ties. (btw, mine is actually dark green, not black, which stayed in the wardrobe at home.)

Anyway, this little bit of sartorial silliness has now spawned themed days, which we'll try to get as many involved in as possible. The next one is Hawaiian Shirt Day, in case you were wondering (thanks Dan).



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